Bobo the Gorilla and His Unique Friendship

Bobo was one of the most popular and well known gorillas in the world. He was always friendly with his caretakers however one day he started acting strange. The caretakers were confused as to why is the gorilla behaving the way it is. However they decided to follow him to see what was going wrong. Once they started following his actions, they realized that he had something in his hands. They still didn’t know what it was as they were seeing this from a distance. They all knew that they had to go near the gorilla to see what he was holding as they had never seen any gorilla do this before.

Let’s Meet Bobo

Post Traumatic Stress

Bobo was found in the jungles of Cameroon. He was an orphan gorilla that was left alone, by poachers. The poachers took her mother away while he was left there all alone. He was just 2 years old at that time. He was found by Mefou Primate Sanctuary who gave him a new home. He had been living alone for so long that it had changed his personality. He wasn’t as friendly when he was first found however once the sanctuary started caring for him he became friendlier.