5 Ways to Protect Yourself From the Delta Variant

The delta variant is a new strain of the Covid-19 virus. It’s more contagious and manifests more dangerous symptoms than the original strain, so not only do you have a bigger chance of possibly getting it, your risk of serious hospitalization and death also increases significantly. Covid was already bad enough; now, the newer Delta variant is wreaking further havoc worldwide. How can we protect ourselves as well as our loved ones from this menacing threat? Here are a few tips.

1 Get vaccinated

The numbers are clear; vaccination remains the best method to protect yourself against the Covid virus. Different brands of vaccines suffer little dips of efficacy, but by far, all of them still overwhelmingly protect against severe cases and death. So far, the data shows that the health risks posed by Covid-19 are still much more real and damaging compared to the potential consequences of vaccines – so there’s no reason to delay getting your shots.

2 Follow the “original” health protocols

The Delta variant is still Covid-19, so in our preoccupation to be safe from the Delta variant, don’t neglect to follow the basic protocols designed to mitigate risks against the virus. Wear masks whenever appropriate, avoid touching the mouth, eyes, and nose, practice social distancing, and frequently disinfect your hands. Lastly, being vaccinated doesn’t exempt you from these protocols. And although the chances are very small, you can still experience severe symptoms, and even if not, you can bring it to more vulnerable people. Whatever stops Covid-19, stop the Delta variant, so continue practicing health protocols even if you’re vaccinated.

3 Don’t stay in unventilated places

The Delta virus strain is more transmissible, meaning it can stay alive outside of our bodies much longer and multiplies faster when it has found a host. So it’s much more preferable for you to ensure that the places you stay in are well-ventilated. This will further reduce the chances of contracting the virus since the ventilation will carry the virus away through air currents rather than remain stagnant in the room.

4 Avoid travel

Different establishments, leisure centers, and tourist attractions might already be open, but avoid going out for unnecessary things as much as you can. Vaccinated or not, there is a chance for you to contract the deadlier Delta variant still and bring it to unsuspecting people who might not be as fortunate as you. Never travel if ill. When travel is unavoidable, do your best to be vaccinated first, follow all local protocols, and follow health protocols.

5 Be vigilant

Think ahead; always watch out for places or events where there will likely be many people, and duly avoid it. When planning grocery runs or outings, try and do it in areas with fewer people. If you’re feeling any illness of any kind, don’t hope it will disappear and push through with your plans – expect the worst and then plan accordingly. The fight against the virus is still raging on, and in some ways, it seems like it will be far from over. New strains, such as the Delta, are a sign of that. However, we can do things to prevent it, so we must do our part to keep ourselves and our families safe.