5 Reasons Why Traveling Makes You Smarter

Traveling the world is one of the most daring and interesting things you can do in your life. It’s a big, scary step, and it’s no wonder why few people ever attempt it. However, great things await those who dare. Wonder and excitement are just a few – but did you know that travel can make you smarter? This article will discuss how travel helps you become more of an intellectual.

1 Changes your perspective about things.

The way you have always seen things is just the way that you’ve come to get used to. In your home, you undergo the same routine every day, meet familiar people, navigate among familiar surroundings – so much so that you often lose appreciation for the little things in life. When traveling, you will come across many encounters that will change your view about things. Perhaps you’re traveling as part of a volunteer group that helps kids in the third world gain education; maybe you’re part of a relief mission. Perhaps you simply befriended somebody very different from you. Whatever the cause, travel helps expose you to things that challenge your preconceived perspective of things.

2 Develops skills you never knew you had.

Maybe you’re actively pursuing new experiences; learn traditional Asian calligraphy, some archeological digging in Central Asia, or mountain-climbing skills in Europe. Maybe developing skills as a matter of necessity; perhaps you needed to speak the local language, learn to haggle for something in another language or cook the local cuisine because you’re starving and there isn’t any American food around. Regardless, there’s something about travel that makes you open to new experiences. Whether it’s a matter of choice or a matter of necessity, traveling somewhere is guaranteed to develop some sort of skill that you never even thought about at home.

3 Makes you more mindful of your actions.

You never really realize how much we live life autopilot while you’re at home – but things aren’t so good if you travel to a new, different country. There, everything is different. You have to think about your actions; groceries, commuting, leisure – all of these will require thought and planning, thus making you more awake, active, and alert.

4 Helps you understand different cultures.

When you’re in an unfamiliar country, you’re going to realize soon enough that there’s no one way to do things or a superior culture. Too often, it’s easy to have a feeling of superiority towards other people from behind a screen – but living in that culture will help you understand and appreciate it.

5 Connects you with new people

More than the sights and experiences, it’s the people you meet along the way that will truly open your eyes to the life and culture of that place. If you’re lucky, the genuine connections you make while traveling can become friends you will cherish for a lifetime. Traveling is the Great Teacher. It teaches you about yourself more than it does about other people and cultures. This way, you emerge from a journey as a changed person – more understanding, more awed by the world, and yes, more intelligent.