5 Habits You Need To Kick

While building good habits is important, stopping your bad habits is equally important. Continuing with them hurts your productivity and even your mental health. Allowing yourself to do so would be like allowing a wound to fester. Here are five habits that are never too late to start breaking to give yourself more time to become productive and to work towards your goals and dreams.

1 Too much time on social media

It would help a lot if you yourself remembered that spending too much time on social media is a waste of time. It’s not hard at all to lose track of time scrolling through your feed. While it’s alright to check your accounts for the latest posts and messages from your friends every now and then, doing so can easily hamper your productivity. You will also lose focus on what you’re doing.

2 Not listing down what you need to do

Starting your day without listing down everything you need to do is unproductive. Without a list, it is easy to get distracted by another task while doing a different task. It’s also very possible for you forget some of the things you need to do. Getting a list down will help you prioritize and finish what you have to do.

3 Poor or no night routine

While it is understandable that after a day’s work, the only thing you’d want to do is lie down on your bed and sleep, it is crucial to have a night routine before going to bed. Whether it’s washing your face and applying a face mask, laying out the clothes that you’ll wear the next day, or a quick house or room clean-up, having a night routine is important. Remember, doing so is important if you want to have a refreshing rest and successfully start your day the morning after.

4 Not scheduling

Similar to having a to-do list, having a planner, whether on your mobile or an actual planner notebook, can help you plan the coming week or month. Having a schedule worked out can help you organize outings with different groups of people without overlapping schedules so you can make sure you have time for everyone and you don’t forget a date you promised your friends or loved ones. Also, you can set aside some time to exercise, learn a new hobby, or clean the house.

5 Always saying yes

Learn to say no. You really don’t have to say yes to everything, especially to a lot of things. Prioritize on doing things you want or things that can help you reach your goals. Don’t feel guilty about saying no if you’re asked to do something when you’d rather spend your day off learning how to bake for your future shop. These habits ruin your efficiency and productivity and need to be kicked out of your system. It’s like quitting a vice that can ruin your health later on in life, overwhelming at the beginning but will only be more difficult to quit if you don’t start.