5 Easy Houseplants to Purify Your Air

With the global pandemic keeping you cooped up inside the house rather than out in the park, fields, or forests, the air around you is also as stagnant as you are at the moment. Here are five low-maintenance houseplants to help you purify the air in your home.

1 Snake plant

There is very little chance you haven’t seen a snake plant yet. There are several varieties, each with their own leaf pattern and shape. The sword-shaped leaves of the plant that grows vertically give it an almost indestructible feel which is fitting for a plant that stands tall and beautiful even with low light and little water. You can even propagate the plant by just cutting a leaf and planting it in another pot.

2 Spider plant

The spider plant, known also as the airplane plant, is an old favorite among the wide variety of houseplants. The plant’s straplike leaves arch out much like a spider’s legs, except they’re more than eight. Once the plant is big enough, baby plants will grow at the end of the older stems, which you can cinch and replant to another pot. From Victorian parlors to studio-type condos, this houseplant is an option that withstood time. You can place them inside pots or hanging baskets, place them anywhere regardless of the level of light, and even miss watering them for a week or so, and they’ll still live.

3 Umbrella tree

If you’re looking for a glossy green in your space, the low-maintenance umbrella tree or Schefflera is the plant for you. Called after an umbrella because the leaves radiate out from a spoke similar to umbrella ribs, the glossy foliage can give your living room a tropical vibe. There’s also a dwarf Schefflera for your cubicle desk at the office, just in case.

4 Kalanchoe

As a succulent, the Kalanchoe only needs a space where it can bathe in the bright sun and occasional soaking. What makes the Kalanchoe different from the rest is its blanket of flowers in vibrant red, orange, yellow or pink, which lasts for several weeks once it blooms, making it perfect as a tabletop centerpiece for the lounge or the living room.

5 Weeping fig

A popular option for indoor plants among interior designers, the weeping fig is tolerant of drought and does not need particular sunlight or humidity care. The fig’s shiny green and raindrop-shaped leaves and braided trunk can also provide an additional architectural touch to your home. Breathing in fresh air from your houseplants can improve your mood and reduce your stress. Since these houseplants aren’t that difficult to take care of and also beautifies your home more naturally, having them indoors is nothing but beneficial for you.