5 Best Places for Medical Tourism

The world is a vast place. There are also many countries you can go to for medical tourism. For the sake of your loved ones’ good health and well-being, how far are you willing to go, literally? Here are some countries you can check if you’re considering overseas medical treatment for you or your loved one.

1 India

With quality private hospitalization costs that are tens of thousand dollars less than most countries, India is experiencing a growth in its medical tourism popularity, particularly for patients needing cardiac and orthopedic surgeries. Cities in this Southeast Asian country such as Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi especially have around a 30% annual increase in medical procedures on patients from halfway across the globe in Canada, the US, and Europe.

2 Singapore

Singapore boasts a healthcare system that the World Health Organization (WHO) ranks sixth in the world. With a long list of specialties that include hematology, neurology, oncology, orthopedics, and cardiology, the country-state is visited by thousands of patients from abroad every year. Notably, Singapore also specializes in controversial stem cell therapy. Its laws allow medical study and the use of stem cells. This makes the country invaluable to patients that need advanced medical treatment, especially those whose remaining option is only stem cell therapy.

3 South Korea

With their electronic health records and fully digitized equipment that are considered industry standard by most of their hospitals, South Korea is the most technologically advanced country medically in the world. A global leader in cancer screenings and spinal surgeries, South Korea also has a wide range of specialized treatment options for its patients – from organ transplantations to spinal treatments and even to cosmetic procedures.

4 Bulgaria

As a European country with some of the most inexpensively priced healthcare services worldwide, Bulgaria is the convenient and most optimal cost option available to travelers from Europe and the rest of the West. The country also has many highly qualified physicians due to its proximity to many renowned international universities. Additionally, the country is also rich in effective natural treatment options. Its mineral and thermal springs are good for rheumatism and post-operation recovery.