5 Benefits of Air Purifiers and Humidifiers

Air purifiers help clean the air by drawing it through an effective filtering mechanism. Meanwhile, humidifiers work by dissolving water from a reservoir, moisturizing the air in a room. These devices work pretty differently, but they share similar benefits in improving our experience within a space. How exactly do they do these? Here are five benefits of air purifiers and humidifiers.

1 Circulates the air

Granted, not all humidifiers and air purifiers improve air circulation – some use convection technology to clean and moisturize the air, but you can only get this added benefit from devices that use fans to move the air. HEPA, UV, AND PCO purifiers and fan-based humidifiers have this advantage. Air circulation plays a large role in keeping the air fresh and ensuring that the concentration of particles, bacteria, and viruses remains minimal.

2 Soothe air-related health issues

Air purifiers with HEPA filters remove pollutants and allergens from the air. These could be dust, pollen, spores. With these out of the air, you can breathe cleaner air that won’t cause any reactions in your body. Humidifiers make the air more breathable and comfortable for people who are sensitive to dry air. Dehumidified air can make sensitive areas of our body dry, which can cause irritation and even trap harmful particles and organisms. These myriads of health issues can be solved just by using air cleaners and humidifiers.

3 Removes bacteria and harmful microorganisms

Air purifiers with the right filters can remove all sorts of bacteria and microorganisms from the air. Not all air purifiers do this, unfortunately: those that do use various technologies such as UV filtration, photocatalytic oxidation (PCO), and thermodynamic sterilization (TSS) to destroy the bacteria that passes through the filter, minimizing the thread of common viruses such as cold, flu, or measles. It can also trap other organisms such as mildew and spores, which are significant allergens to some people.

4 Makes the air pleasant to breathe

If your room doesn’t have pollutants and allergens, that alone will make a space vastly more comfortable. More than that, humidifiers also moisturize the air, and you can even add scents to make the atmosphere more pleasant.

5 Gives you better sleep

Often, people are shaken awake by allergic reactions and nasal congestion. Air purifiers can solve that issue by removing those harmful particles in the air. Meanwhile, humidifiers make the space more comfortable, and you can even apply fragrant scents that help you sleep better, such as sage, lavender, chamomile, etc. Air purifiers and humidifiers are not a scam – they have real benefits that you can experience immediately after using them. If you were looking for signs to buy some, then this is it; look forward to a pleasant, healthy, and fragrant air in your home!