4 Ways to Enhance Your Mood

Thinking happy thoughts can undoubtedly liven up your mood. But this only works at the moment, when you’re having unkind thoughts, or you’re in a somber mood. Improving your mood in general so that you’re not in perpetual dusk most of the time starts from your lifestyle. Here are some small aspects of your lifestyle you can change to help keep you mentally healthy and in a more positive mood

1 Have a more balanced diet

Enhancing your mood also means improving your diet. Opting for healthier food choices can lead you to a much healthier life. Your body will feel lighter, not quite literally, and better, so you’ll feel less pain and have fewer mood fluctuations from various ailing and pain points you may otherwise experience. Whole foods like leafy greens, whole grains, legumes, lean meat, and seafood provide your brain with the necessary nutrients for optimal brain function. Have tea instead of coffee, a glass of wine instead of beer, dark chocolate instead of artificial sweets, and fruits for dessert.

2 Start an exercise

Fitness activities are not only good for your body but also good for your mood and mental health. You don’t need to have a full-blown gym workout routine. Just swimming, jogging, playing sports or cycling will do. If these are still pretty tiring, to begin with, being active inside the house just for active housework will work too. You just need to ease yourself gradually to a more active lifestyle.

3 Priorities rest and sleep

Rest and sleep are important. If you are awake, your brain is working at its full capacity. Only when you have a good rest and sleep can your brain also slow down. This leads to you being more refreshed and ready to start another day. Some tips to having a better rest include reducing your exposure to artificial light, especially those from your computer or phone screen. You can reduce your screen’s brightness to the lowest setting and also adjust the warmth, as blue light has plenty of adverse effects mon your sleep. This doesn’t mean you should practice oversleeping, either. Too much sleep can easily make you lethargic and quick to irritation when you wake up.

4 Enjoy nature

There is something inherently peaceful and relaxing about enjoying nature. Whether it’s watching the sunrise or sunset from your terrace, taking short walks at the nearby park or mountain, or having a lazy afternoon picnic by the lake, nature just seems to make us feel happier. Did you know that adequate sun exposure is not only good for your skin but also for your mental health? Did you know that in some parts of Asia, forest bathing or spending time in a forest is a prescribed health activity? Did you know that spending time in the wild can improve your self-esteem and mood? Positive lifestyle changes can improve your mood naturally, reduce your stress and mental burdens, and in the long run, is good for your mental health.