4 Steps to the Best Morning Routine

One important part of personal development is having a morning routine. As it helps ease you into the state of being awake and active, the best morning routine is able to set the tone for the rest of your day and make you feel happier and more productive. Having a morning routine means you’re taking control of your morning. You’re getting up with a sense of direction and accomplishment instead of bolting out of bed and rushing to work. Here are four steps to the best morning routine that can keep you relaxed and not easily stressed throughout the day.

1 Wake up earlier

While it feels like waking up as late as possible gives you more rest, it is not. Because you didn’t use your body and brain actively during the night, you need to ease them back into use slowly. Waking up earlier than the usual can give you enough time to prepare your body and mind for the day gradually. Also, preparing slowly allows you to relax and enjoy your mornings. Hurrying up gives you stress, which means you won’t be as refreshed and relaxed throughout the day.

2 Drink water

After you wash your face and brush your teeth in the morning, make sure to drink plenty of water. Your bodies are dehydrated when you wake up, so you need to drink water. Plus, drinking water first thing in the morning actually helps you wake up in the morning.

3 Meditate

Now that you have enough time to enjoy your morning coffee or tea, you can blankly stare at nowhere to destress your mind or compartmentalize your thoughts. That way that you start your day can actually affect how your day will go, so meditating in the morning will help you have a peaceful mind throughout the day. You can also try journaling in the morning, affirming yourself with your goals and positive thoughts.

4 Exercise

It does not have to be a heavy workout routine where you lift weights and run for hours; a bit of stretching or light yoga can do. Kudos to you if you prefer running a few miles or hitting the gym, but the important thing is movement. Moving actively in the morning, no matter how light, helps your body wake up. Having a morning routine is good for your physical and mental well-being, as it emphasizes the importance of your physical and mental health. It is at the core of self-care. Waking up is usually a struggle, and it is easier to put the alarm on snooze for 15 more minutes and rush through washing up and skip breakfast. When your willpower fails you, a routine that’s second nature to you can help ground you.