3 Ways Running Can Help You Lose Weight

Running is one of the most popular sports around, and for a good reason. It’s easily accessible, easy to do, and doesn’t require any special training or equipment to get started. There are many reasons why people might get into running. Some hone their running technique to compete, while some find that it boosts their moods. However, most newcomers get into running because of its weight loss benefits. Running is a good way to lose those extra pounds: in this article, we’re going to examine how.

1 Works your heart and lungs

Running is both a cardio and aerobic exercise. Cardiovascular training is any activity that works your heart and increases your heart rate – in other words, your heart pumps harder and more often than it usually does. Your heart is also a muscle, and the more you exert it, the more calories you burn, not to mention the positive effects of a stronger heart for the rest of your body. More than that, it’s also an aerobic exercise. This simply means that you need more oxygen to do the movement, which in turn means that your lunches have to work harder. The more oxygen goes into your body; the more fuel your cells burn to give you more energy.

2 Strengthens your muscles

More than losing calories, your muscles are also developed when you run. Running involves huge regions of muscles on your legs, core, and even back. The more you run, the more toned these muscles get. Not only does this burn a lot of calories, but stronger muscles help you run even more, which adds up to the calorie burn. It’s a positive feedback loop that is beneficial to maintain.

3 Controls your appetite

Various studies have discovered that people who regularly exercise can control what they eat better. This might be because of a few things: the first is that exercise promotes hormones that reduce appetite, making you feel less hungry and, therefore, eat less. Another aspect of this is that if you’re running, then that decision to be physically healthier is more likely to transform into eating more beneficial in the first place. If you’re running, you’re likely to eat more nutritious food and be more mindful of your diet than if you weren’t. In short, running gives you a reason to watch what you eat, thereby controlling your appetite. Running is a great hobby to practice. It works your heart and lungs, strengthens your muscles, and even helps control your appetite. These benefits accumulate and ultimately result in weight loss, making running so appealing and effective as exercise.