10 Species You Should Be Glad Are Extinct

The extinction of many species is one of the most severe issues that we are facing today. After all, it results in a decrease in biodiversity, which is not good for the planet. Despite that, there are some animals that you should be glad are extinct. Here is a list of ten of them that will make you count your blessings.
  1. Helicoprion Bessonowi
Helicoprion bessonowi belongs to the genus Helicoprion that is now extinct. These marine animals swam the oceans about 270 million years ago. What’s so unique about them is that they were regular fish yet were more dangerous than sharks. That is because they had teeth that acted like a buzz saw and were pretty sharp.
  • Titanoboa
These were giant snakes that existed sixty million years ago. During that period, they were called the worst predators on Earth. That is because a Titanoboa weighed 1200 kgs and was as long as 45 feet.
  • Megalodon
This is an extinct species of sharks that lived millions of years ago. What’s so interesting about its members is that they were more formidable than sharks. That is because they were sixty feet long. Not only that but they are considered the biggest fishes that ever lived.
  • Phoberomys Pattersoni
These are giant rats that were the size of a bull. Their fossils suggest that they were ten feet long. Besides that, they had a tail that was an additional five feet long. It is reported that these rats could kill humans with just one bite. That is why it is good that they are extinct.
  • Smilodon
Smilodon included three different species of saber-toothed tigers. They were endemic to South and North America. These tigers were strong predators with sharp teeth. Members of the largest species weighed up to 436 kgs.
  • Pentecopterus Decorahensi
The members of this species swam the ocean 460 million years ago. They were gigantic marine scorpions. The creature had a paddle-shaped body that made it a dangerous predator. Scientists have said that these arthropods were 5 to 6 feet long.
  • Meganeura
The genus Meganeura included three species of giant dragonflies. These winged insects had wings of about 2 feet and were almost the size of a crow. According to the fossils, it is said that it would have taken a weapon such as a tennis racquet to kill these insects.
  • Hallucigenia Fortis
If worms scare you out, then you should be glad that the Hallucigenia Fortis species is extinct. That is because these worms had tentacles too. So they could walk as well as harm their prey incredibly.
  • Arctodus
Arctodus were bears that had short faces but large bodies. They existed 11,000 years ago and were carnivorous mammals. It is reported they were as large as twelve feet. Not only that, but they were faster than the bears that exist now.
  1. Mega Paranesis
Mega Paranesis is a species of mega piranhas that went extinct about eight million years ago. They were 71 cm long and weighed at least ten kilograms. The members used to feed on gigantic marine creatures. Not only that, but their biting force was immensely greater than piranhas of today’s era. Final Words These are the ten species you should be glad are extinct. That is because if they were alive, we would not have stood a chance against them.